Unstoppable – Guadalupe del Carmen Dipp

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow once penned the words:

Be still, sad heart! and cease repining;
Behind the clouds is the sun still shining;
Thy fate is the common fate of all,
Into each life some rain must fall,
Some days must be dark and dreary.

Guadalupe del Carmen Dipp (Lupe) has certainly known her own dark and dreary days but, like Longfellow states, she has always been and ever remains keenly aware that the sun shines just beyond the clouds. This perspective has carried her through a life bereft with tragedy that is undetectable in her personality and in her bright and contented demeanour. Simply said, Lupe has known sorrow and in it she has risen above it at every turn.

17308806_10155006596681380_3344733210560203619_nSitting at the table in the offices of Los Arroyos Verdes, the first order of business for Lupe is to offer us some Jamaica water and take a moment to share her opinion about a Facebook group that asked her to take down her offer for others to come visit and share the delicious agua fresca because she, “…only wants to rent her properties.” Lupe laughs as she recalls the supposed controversy and the ridiculous thought. As one looks around the environment and the stunning grounds of her home and community of rentals, it is easy to see the mistake the administrator made in assuming that Lupe would be hungry for renters. The truth however, is that she simply wants to share this beautiful place with people and given her life experience to date, the day to day business of Los Arroyos Verdes is more a sharing of her energy and life perspective than a rental property. Yes, you are welcome to come and share a glass of water and stroll the grounds simply to enjoy. Yes, you can also rent and live in this gorgeous garden home. Yes, Lupe is happy for you to do either or both and you would be wise to stop by. What she has created here is an oasis of peace and contentment that enhances the beauty and serenity of the Bay of Banderas; no easy task.

16509000_10154897894021380_8623711219952767767_nThat she has created this place and lives here herself is a culmination of a lifetime of learning not only design and business, but more importantly patience, satisfaction and joy; all of which flows on the warm afternoon breeze through the palms, cacti and flowers of the gardens. The lessons have not been easy despite the broad smile and cheerful attitude Lupe carries with her continually. She has lost family, children and heroes to tragedy. She has known the devastation of crushed dreams both personally and corporately. Growing up her brother was her rock and mentor teaching her to ride horses and to sail, her most beloved pastime to this day. But at the age of 26 she lost him and her young son to a plane crash. Her response was to assume leadership of her brother’s company and ensure its continued success in his memory. Not long after she herself would be severely injured in a horse riding accident that plagues her physically to this day with repeated surgeries and pain. Her response to that injury was to set her face toward the future, learn to walk again and choose to live life to the full. She has  since become a Cordon Bleu chef, studied art in Florence, Italy and become an architect. She has raised children and hotel complexes simultaneously and knows the height of what the general populous would call success. She has also known the personal havoc of seeing a project disappear before her eyes due to the sudden death of the backer putting her for all intensive purposes on the street. As always, her response to adversity has been to do what was needed to survive, rebuild and enjoy life while taking from each triumph and tribulation the lessons therein to increase her appreciation for the blessing of life she has been given.

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Unstoppable. Listening to Lupe’s story over the years this is the word that comes to mind. Despite her decision at 55 to sell off all the companies and projects she had accumulated and made successful to come to her beloved Bucerias and build Los Arroyos Verdes to live in and share, she has not actually stopped and likely will never. Currently building 22 luxury homes in  Los Torotes, Baja California, Mexico she is hardly retired. Pursuing her passion of sailing, including recently leading the Bay of Banderas Regatta as President, she keeps busy living life to the full and sharing with those she comes in contact with hopes to do the same. As we talk she shares another internet story she finds amusing. Apparently, she shared a picture to her Facebook timeline of a beautiful marina that had been posted

Lupe on her boat, Nueva Luna doing what she loves – winning the race 🙂

in a sailing forum because she wanted others to see its beauty. The owner of the picture responded angrily, calling Lupe a thief and even insinuating racial slurs to her. Lupe chuckles as she tells how she removed the picture and with a smile deleted the individual from her Facebook and her life. Lupe explains that she has learned to be happy with herself and not to allow others to negatively affect her outlook on life. She says that after all she has experienced and 5 marriages she has learned to be content with herself and who she is, taking from what some would say is a negative history of failed relationships and learning from each one more and more about how to be free, how to to be happy and how to love life for what it is each day. Never choosing to wallow in pity, she has built a momentum in her life that now drives her through even the toughest of tempests and heaviest of life’s downpours, never forgetting and always anticipating the sun’s return. Perhaps Longfellow, upon meeting Lupe might have added a few lines to his iconic poem:

“But in each life therein lies the choice,

To allow the dreary day to silence,

Or in it to find one’s voice.”

Lupe invites you to stop by Los Arroyos Verdes to share water and solace in her beautiful home. She has 40 casas and casitas available for rent and is looking for long term tenants to enrich her garden. Stop by. Stroll the grounds. Enjoy a meal at her fantastic restaurant by the pool. See what an unstoppable worldview can create in face of the fate.