We Need You!

Hands up if you are like me and you grew up watching Sesame Street or Plaza Sésamo as it was called here in Mexico. Is your hand up? Ok, put it down so the neighbours don’t think you are waving at them (or just go ahead and wave!). The fact is that many of us grew up with the characters on Sesame Street teaching us letters and numbers and all about our neighbourhood. One of my favourite songs that I can still remember today is, “The People in your Neighbourhood.” Do you remember? Let me remind you.. *singing* Oh a fireman is a person in your neighbourhood, in your neighbourhood, in your neighbourhoooood. A fireman is a person in your neighbourhood. They’re a person that you meet each daaaay.”

Remember? Did you sing along? If so we are really stretching the limits of print media today aren’t we? But I digress… What I am getting at is that I loved hearing about people in the neighbourhood on Sesame Street and I still do today.

Since moving to Bucerias and spending time in the Bay of Banderas and surrounding area, Teri and I have met so many interesting people. Some of them I was able to feature as I wrote for local periodicals, but space and other restrictions meant that some great details had to be put aside. Others have yet to be shared as their stories didn’t fit the publication’s theme. This was the catalyst for our creation of “My Mexican Neighbourhood”and its parent company “LURE“. Teri and I want to share this wonderful place and our experiences in it. As I said in our Welcome post, we will be talking about all the amazing people in our neighbourhoods; people in your neighbourhood (*singing* in your neighbourhooood – still have it in your head? jaja) because we are truly all part of one big neighbourhood made up of many smaller boroughs.

There are so many amazing people to meet that we can’t wait to post our first feature next Monday February 6th.

Being a part of the larger neighbourhood, you have a part to play too. Do you know someone interesting? Perhaps a local merchant or artist or maybe an official or businessperson or even someone who is retired and living their golden years in this wonderful place with a fantastic story to tell. Whatever the reason you find them interesting, we would like to know. Please Contact Us  and tell us who they are and how to get in touch with them. It is time to begin a collection of stories about the people that we meet each day so that the wealth of persons we are so fortunate to be a part of can be shared. They can be anywhere really. While I may not be able to write about everyone suggested, it will be a pleasure to get to know more and more of the quality people in our area. Who should we be singing about?sandrina-06

Celebrating each other celebrates the life we have been given. Much more than the things we accumulate the people and experiences that mark our days are what bring value to our lives. The differences that separate us are quashed in the process of learning about one another as we recognize ourselves in their stories and the far greater similarities between us. So raise your voice with me as we discover the fascinating people right here in My Mexican Neighbourhood.