Welcome Friends!

img_1886The star packed sky begins to erupt with flaming orange and red hues as the ocean turns from deep indigo into its inviting blue. Crystal sands come to sparkling life as the waves continue their steady pulse into shore with a foamy splash. A cool breeze wafts by belying the heat the sun will soon bake into the skin of the folks who are awakening to the day. It is sunrise on beautiful Banderas Bay on the Pacific coast of Mexico.

For those of you who are experiencing cold weather or who each year know it all too well, that short description might be enough for you to have your interest piqued and to read on. It surely was for us and still remains a part of what makes us love it here so much. But much like the iceberg (which we will never see here!) it is just the visible top to a vast and incredible foundation made of art, culture and people; inspirational, creative, colourful and welcoming people.

This is the place where we will introduce you to them. The neighbourhood we live in. The neighbourhood we love. The beautiful Banderas Bay, Mexico.



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